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Girls Picking Apples


Seasonal U-Pick available at Reed Valley Orchard (239 Lail Ln, Paris, KY 40361) 9am-5pm Saturday's, Monday's and Thursday's. 

Market apples available at Stepping Stone Farm seasonally. Call ahead for variety availability! (859) 658-6060

U-Pick Apples: $1.59 per pound

Market Apples: $1.99 per pound

Apple Variety Schedule

June 25: Lodi

July 10: Earli-Gold

July 15: Monarch

July 25: Sansa

Aug 10: Ginger Gold

Aug 20: Gala

Aug 25: McIntosh & Honey Crisp

Aug 30: Jonathan & Sweet Sixteen

Sept 5: Daybreak

Sept 10: Dolly Rose, Melrose, Pixie Crunch & Grimes Golden

Sept 15: Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Liberty & Pumpkins

Sept 20: Golden Russet, Hidden Rose & Ida Red

Sept 25: Cameo, Ben Davis, Stayman Winesap, Stark Winesap, Roxbury Russett, Suncrisp & Mutsu

Oct 1: York, Rome, Winter Red Flesh, Crimson Crisp & Lady

Oct 10: Gold Rush & Fuji

Oct 20: Granny Smith, Brushy Mountain & Arkansas Black

Nov 10: Pink Lady & Sundance

Apples: What's On
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