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Approximate Ripe Dates

The Finest Quality, Daily

It’s hard to get more local than the products we stock at Stepping Stone Farm. When you buy anything from our Orchard market, you know you’re enjoying something sustainably produced. Please keep in mind that due to weather conditions, specific product availability and timeline may vary.

Approximate Ripe Dates: Products
Apple Orchard

Approximate Ripe Dates

Plan your visit with our handy ripening schedule!


Early May

  • Strawberries

Early June

  • Tomatoes

  • Cherries


  • Black Raspberries

  • Red Raspberries

Mid June - July

  • Blueberries

Late June - Mid August

  • Blackberries

Late June - Late November

  • Apples

Mid July - Mid August

  • Sunflowers

  • Peaches

August - October

  • Pears

Mid September

  • Pumpkins


June 25: Lodi

July 10: Earli-Gold

July 15: Monarch

July 25: Sansa

Aug 10: Ginger Gold

Aug 20: Gala

Aug 25: McIntosh & Honey Crisp

Aug 30: Jonathan & Sweet Sixteen

Sept 5: Daybreak

Sept 10: Dolly Rose, Melrose, Pixie Crunch & Grimes Golden

Sept 15: Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Liberty & Pumpkins

Sept 20: Golden Russet, Hidden Rose & Ida Red

Sept 25: Cameo, Ben Davis, Stayman Winesap, Stark Winesap, Roxbury Russett, Suncrisp & Mutsu

Oct 1: York, Rome, Winter Red Flesh, Crimson Crisp & Lady

Oct 10: Gold Rush & Fuji

Oct 20: Granny Smith, Brushy Mountain & Arkansas Black

Nov 10: Pink Lady & Sundance

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