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Welcome to our Orchard Playground!

Attractions Include:

  • Jumbo Jumpers: Take a leap of joy on not one, but two gigantic jumpers! Perfect for kids (and adults!).

  • Slides: Whether you're daring enough to conquer the 20-foot slide or prefer the excitement of our 10-foot slide, we've got you covered.

  • Corn Pit: Dive into our corn pit for a unique sensory experience. It's like a sandbox, but with a farm-fresh twist that kids absolutely adore.

  • Dirt Mountain: Adventure awaits on Dirt Mountain, where kids can climb, explore, and survey the orchard from new heights.

Our playground and farm attractions are designed with families in mind, offering an engaging environment where children can play, learn, and grow.

For just $5 admission, you gain access not only to the playground but to all farm attractions including U-Pick.

For more information, directions, and to plan your visit, contact us.

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